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Review of a casino sites from a web design point of view

Over the course of the last few years, online casinos have become much more popular. Coupling this with the advances we have seen on the internet, from simple improvements in website design to the advent of languages such as HTML 5 and the prevalence of mobile users browsing nowadays, the websites themselves have seen quite an overhaul. This can also be seen in the technologies that have fallen by the wayside due to these advances; flash technology has largely been shunned. Whereas you might have seen certain animations at an online casino run by flash, the insecurities exhibited by the technology is not something worth playing with in today’s market.

There are different types of online casino, some have downloadable consoles that must be used to play the games whereas others are simply done within the browser. Many online casino providers up until recently would provide different versions of their site for computer users and mobile users. However, mobile/general technology has come on in leaps and bounds recently and many users like to be able to gamble from wherever they are whenever they want without having to worry about landing on the correct version of the site. Thanks to CSS however, a simple code can allow the casino to work out what sort of device the player is accessing from and deliver the correct version of the casino be it for a mobile, tablet or computer.

Improvements in availability of bandwidth have also allowed online casinos to develop more user friendly sites. Now people have easy access to a bigger bandwidth it not only allows for improvements in the playing experience, but also for casinos like Lucky Nugget to have nice flashy graphics and animations on the homepage. First impressions of the homepage at something like casinos always makes a massive difference to whether a user will use the site or not.

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